Wilderness Safaris launches Travel with Purpose

Monday, 18 June 2018 15:24   |   Written by INVESTOR REPORTER
Wilderness Safaris launches Travel with Purpose

Six guests will get a unique opportunity to travel to Wilderness Safaris’ private concessions in Hwange National Park to take part in the behind-the-scenes conservation and community initiatives that Wilderness has been involved in for more than 20 years.

As part of Wilderness Safaris 35th anniversary celebrations of life-changing journeys, the company has since launched their next Travel with Purpose itinerary, Hwange Against All Odds that takes place from September 13 to 18 later this year.

Hwange is home to some of southern Africa’s last great elephant, buffalo and sable herds and plays an integral role in a network of southern African conservation areas.

“Since 2000, Wilderness has invested in conservation initiatives in the Park’s south-eastern corner, such as daily provision of water for thirsty wildlife, firebreak maintenance, supporting the anti-poaching units and being part of a variety of research projects. Our continued presence in Hwange has had an important conservation impact on its wildlife populations and we are looking forward to sharing its wonders with like-minded guests who realise the importance of travelling with Purpose,” said Wilderness Safaris Zambezi Environmental Manager, Arnold Tshipa, one of the hosts of this itinerary.

Other experienced experts who will lead this journey include Children in the Wilderness Community Liaison, Mxolisi Sibanda, and Wilderness Safaris’ legendary game water supply manager, Willem Botha, affectionately known as “Mr B”. Together with Arnold, they will offer guests the opportunity to experience a unique behind-the-scenes safari, including interacting with the Scorpion Anti-Poaching Unit -  an extraordinary group of rangers who work in partnership with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management (ZPWMA) to protect the area’s diverse fauna and flora.

In addition, guests will join the unit in a snare sweep activity supervised by experts in the field, participate in a game count, and help to collar an elephant. They will meet and engage with members of the neighbouring communities, visit a Children in the Wilderness Eco-Club and learn about other upliftment projects and initiatives.

“What makes this journey even more significant is the fact that all proceeds will go to the Scorpion Anti-Poaching Unit which has removed some 2 500 snares and reduced the levels of poaching within the boundary areas of Hwange. This experience will not only make a difference to the ongoing biodiversity of the Park but will contribute to the empowerment of local people at the same time,” added Arnold.

“Our unwavering commitment to driving authentic and sustainable ecotourism in Hwange is as strong today as it was 20 years ago. We look forward to continuing to lead the way and to showcase our conservation and community highlights to our guests,” Arnold said.