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Madrid System is a one-stop shop for trademark holders to obtain and maintain trademark protection in export markets.

“Being a member of Madrid Protocol can have an impact on local businesses or industries in the countries concerned,” said Debbie Roenning, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Director of Legal Division, Madrid Registry, Brands and Designs.

According to Roenning, trademarks are important in ensuring identity protection in the home market and abroad. The Madrid System may empower local industries, in particular the Small Micro Medium Entreprises (SMMEs) and provide easier access to export markets and promote international trade and further development of exports.

She further explains that where Botswana is designated, the Madrid System may simplify examinations for formalities, open new markets for foreign trademark holders, provide easier access to markets which means more filings and economic growth as well as provide more favorable climate for foreign investment.  Companies and International Property Authority (CIPA), Trademark Examiner, Regomoditswe Badirwang said CIPA has recently started processing Madrid applications due to lack of capacity in the past. Some officers have been trained to process the Madrid applications and soon the marks will start to appear in the monthly trademark journal for possible opposition.

“Currently we have 8 596 applications of which 5 437 have been automatically registered. We encourage entrepreneurs to use this system to protect their marks internationally to save time and money in trials,” said Badirwang.  To be entitled to use the Madrid System one needs to have a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in or be domiciled in or be a national of a member of the Madrid System.


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