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Botswana Export Credit Insurance (BECI) and the Botswana Trade and Investment Centre (BITC) are toying with the idea of collaborating to provide augmented products for local businesses. Marketing Director, Bonani Dube is of the view that as BITC seeks investment opportunities from across the world, the institution could collaborate with BECI to come up with well packaged products.

“BITC would look for business, then BECI insures,” he said, further adding that it has become imperative to aggressively seek for business internationally of which requires strong partnerships.“Let us not constrain ourselves to the same setting, let us think outward and start seeking real opportunities and market away from here,” Dube said, adding that BITC has the contacts and infrastructure, while BECI has the mechanism to insure any business anywhere.  Dube says with such collaboration, the country can secure sustainable job creation opportunities and a general ease on the depression of the economy.

Acting Executive Director of the Export Development and Promotion at BITC, Truncklinah Gabonthone said with an abrupt deflation in the value of exports from Botswana, the collaboration would come in handy.Presently, the highest export value is as a result of beef and salt, which have taken a downward turn in terms of value. Therefore, she suggests that it is imperative for the country to seek more opportunities elsewhere. The collaboration is expected to specifically be of benefit to the Export Development Programme (EDP). Gabonthone reveals that they have employed means to graduate from diagnostic stage to seeking intervention for businesses that wish to export. The difficulty according to her is that the quality of businesses locally fails to meet the typical model of an exportation business.

“We want to develop them, then promote, eventually tap into export opportunities,” she says.  The EDP provides an opportunity for companies to achieve their market expansion objectives in Botswana; by increasing exports of products and services that add domestic value and contribute to the diversification of the economy. It also provides a platform to ensure participating companies are given intensive support to enhance their export competitiveness establish a significant foothold in regional and international markets. The programme offers an integrated approach to training and educating potential exporters, and takes into account the needs of larger and established exporters.

“We wish to collaborate as local institutions to produce market ready exporters that would penetrate into other markets,” she highlighted.BITC’s mandate is to promote Botswana as the leading destination for investment and trade in Africa with a focus on accelerated economic growth and diversification, employment creation and export development.


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