How to succeed on purpose

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 16:38   |   Written by BY TLOTLO MBAZO
Young and determined; Sibusiso Kgosikhumo
Young and determined; Sibusiso Kgosikhumo (Image:Botswana Investor)

One thing that Sibusiso Kgosikhumo, an Optometrist who runs a private practice, Botsvision Opticals and is also founder and director of Khumo Horizon wants to emphasise in his book, Succeeding on Purpose is that it is okay to dream.

Kgosikhumo is a seasoned entrepreneur who runs multiple successful ventures at only 30 years old. “We ought to have something that we dream about, something that we hope to achieve that is somewhat in line with our destiny and purpose,” he says. The youngster, who studied at the University of Aston in Birmingham in the UK, also believes that success comes with hard work. “There is no two ways about it.

The dream you have has to be synonymous to a goal. It should not just be a dream but a challenge and it should be followed through by action,” says the entrepreneur. He encourages those that aspire to join the world of business that in order to reach for your dreams, it is important to roll up sleeves and get dirty. His conviction is that if dreams are not attached to work, they remain just dreams.

Kgosikhumo is also convinced that those with dreams should be ready to fund their pursuits. He recalls sometime in 2011 when he worked for a logistics company in England while he was a student. He worked from 10pm and worked all night until 4am lifting boxes, pushing trolleys and loading the delivery trucks. “We have to work hard, sometimes in unfavourable places, not because we like it, but because we need the money to survive and fuel our dreams,” he says. He endured the job until he managed to achieve the things that he needed the money for. Another critical thing that Kgosikhumo stresses is planning.

According to him, planning has to be the initial stage where much thought is invested. “Planning affords you the opportunity to count the cost. What will it cost you in terms of money and time to be successful in achieving your dreams,” he quizzes. A good plan, he believes will help you stay focused on your dream. Staying focused on achieving your dream is not always easy because there might be many reasons that tell you why you will never make it. “Staying focused calls for commitment, says Kgosikhumo.

Time is another important thing that he treasures in the world of business. According to him, time is a resource so precious that one simply cannot afford to lose or misuse. “Time dedicated to your destiny affords you the opportunity to work on building towards your dream,” he says, adding “my wish is for you to never put off pursuing your purpose for a later time.”

As an entrepreneur, Kgosikhumo realises that relationships are important. His experience taught him that many successful people admit that they have a relationship, which is a constant source of inspiration for them. One such relationship involves a mentor who in many cases is pivotal to the successes of the individual. He strongly advises against shunning business partnerships because of the desire to bask in the glory of self-effort. “The biggest impact is made through collective effort,” he says.