Partnership delivers convenience for customers

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 15:11   |   Written by INVESTOR REPORTER
Partnership delivers convenience for customers

Orange Botswana, EcoCash and TransferTo have teamed up to deliver real-time mobile digital payments between Botswana and Zimbabwe. Orange Money users can use their digital wallet to send money to Zimbabwe in real time directly into an EcoCash mobile wallet.

The partnership enables better, quick and more affordable access to digital money transfers between the two countries. Dr Patrick Benon, CEO of Orange Botswana said as part of their broader financial inclusion and diversification strategy, Orange Money seeks to expand its services to offer a cheaper, secure and more convenient International Money Transfer payment infrastructure from Botswana to the whole Southern Africa region and beyond.

To kickstart this strategy, Orange Money has partnered with EcoCash Zimbabwe to launch International Money Transfer to Zimbabwe. This service will enable better and more affordable access to digital money transfers between Zimbabwe and Botswana. “The partnership is aligned to our innovation efforts aimed at offering our customers more cost-effective solutions to facilitate both cross-border and domestic money transfers,” said Dr Benon.

For his part, Peter De Caluwe, CEO of TransferTo said with this partnership, they have an opportunity to help meet the growing demand for alternative digital financial solutions in Africa and offer a cheaper, secure and more convenient payment infrastructure through which digital transfers are performed. "We are extremely delighted to be working together with Orange Money Botswana and EcoCash in Zimbabwe to help them expand their product portfolio to provide their customers with better access to real-time mobile money transfer services,” said De Caluwe. 
Eddie Chibi, CEO of Cassava Fintech Zimbabwe said the partnership will enable Zimbabweans in Botswana to remit funds to friends and family back home easily.  

“We continue to expand and accelerate our efforts to create innovations that allow direct transfers between digital wallets, and so taking cross-border transfers to a whole new level. Our goal is to provide our customers with simple but effective solutions, which give them the convenience they need, as well as being a conduit for economic development wherever we operate,” he said.

Chibi added that all recipients of funds remitted via EcoCash are guaranteed to access it in cash.