Capital Bank names beneficiaries of graduate trainees programme

Tuesday, 26 June 2018 16:45   |   Written by INVESTOR REPORTER
Capital Bank Employees
Capital Bank Employees

Capital Bank Botswana has named the first cohort of their new Capital Bank Graduate Trainees Programme. The five, stellar-performing graduates from local teriary institutions are; Baseo Portia Moalafi, Abotle Kgosiemang, Tshepiso Palesa Ntekere, Israel Dongwana and Mary Disang.

Their qualifications are Bachelor of Business Administration-Management, Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (Economics and Accounting).

CEO of Capital Bank Botswana, Jaco Viljoen says his bank continues to seek opportunities to contriute towards the development of the banking and finance industry.

“We introduced this programme as a way to also support the upskilling of Botswana students in a fashion that equips them to be successful in their choice of career. We want to make it a point to actively contribute and play our role in empowering and equipping the youth of Botswana with quality knowledge, skills and opportunities that will enable them to become productive professionals that grow our business and our industry,” he said.  

According to Viljoen, graduates will acquire experience in a variety of operational settings. The programme is designed to run for two years and the first year of the programme will be on-the-job training on a rotational basis. The second year will emphasise more on leadership and talent development.

Every Head of Department will set objectives, assign tasks and projects fundamental to their departments. They will also set a suitable time period within which the participants should have learned the given information, task or project.
Additionally, Heads of Departments will mentor the graduate or appoint a relevant mentor for advice and assistance support.

Part of the FMBCapital Group, Capital Bank Botswana provides a comprehensive range of financial services aimed primarily at helping the growth of independent small to large scale enterprises.

The Bank’s key strategic approach is centred around three main corner stones including training, local knowledge and a robust complement of relationship consultants to provide a seamless and customised approach to finance. The Bank have a current market share of more than 5 percent in the corporate banking segments and an overall market share of just over 2.5 percent of the total banking assets in the local industry.

“We are excited to take this journey with our shining stars of the year as they learn the banking industry first-hand and realise their growth. Our launching of this progamme comes also as we celebrate 10 years of banking excellence in Botswana this year,” the CEO said.

Viljoen added that their strong history of growth comes from their ability to respond quickly to the needs of key publics.

“We believe that as a premier banking operation, we can contribute to the Botswana financial services sector also through the support of training youths to become professionals. Our strides in skills development programmes also in the long run contribute towards the Botswana economy since there then are more skilled professionals being groomed to provide more people with access to financial solutions in a responsible manner.”